I Have a Dream

We all like to day dream & think of and plan, a perfect utopic life in which we are blissfully happy. Obviously we will all have a different view of what utopia looks like so it is important for us know what what our best life looks like. Your best life will not look like my best life! To ensure we achieve & realise our best life we need to be very clear about what it is we want. We might do this through talking about it & spring it with our friends/partner or maybe write it down in a diary/journal

But, the most powerful way to achieve our vision is to visualise it through imagery onto what we might call a life board or a vision board.

I was first introduced to this concept c. 20 years ago when I was qualifying to be a Executive Coach with an Occupational Psychology organisation, at the same time I was qualifying for Emotional Intelligence, a Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and adding it all to my British Psychological Society qualifications. Exciting times indeed & I was working with some amazing case studies from top FTSE companies to corporates suffering burn out and working mothers that needed a life line.

I loved the concept of the boards... I am a truly, deeply creative soul and sitting in a room cutting out pictures, sticking words onto a board, flicking through magazines/journals/articles/features to get inspiration, reviewing my favourite & inspirational photos, collecting leaves/shells/flowers/fabrics ...well ...I was in heaven! It all sounds very creche like and primary school fun but the evidence behind the success of the boards is proven.

In a nut shell, visualising your dreams & visions and affirming these through the words you stick onto your board & use daily leads to manifestation

Basically if we don't 'voice' our desires to the brain and eternally it won't happen

It is an incredibly cathartic, creative & inspirational experience that should be started at the beginning of the year and then updated throughout the year. Our wants and needs change and therefore we need to update our boards. The process of doing this also ensures that we reflect, evaluate and plan. We all need to do that. If you don't know where you are going, you're not going to get there!

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